Influencer marketing is a pretty hot topic among fashion designers trying to grow their brands. Some are all for it, others think it’s a waste of time and money. I fall into the camp of: It can be really great for your brand if you approach it like any other marketing strategy, with a plan, a budget, consistency, and an open mind.

In case you’re wondering exactly what influencer marketing is– Essentially you are finding someone who has a group/following/community that respects their opinion in their niche and will talk about and share your brand with that community. This is either done for a monetary payment (along with free product) or for free product only.

The thing that’s often forgotten when it comes to influencer marketing is that this is like any other business transaction. Influencers are businesses and most of them treat their work that way.

So the mindset of “they want me to pay them and send them free product?!” needs to go out the window if you want to make influencer marketing part of your business. It’s important to understand that it is an investment, just like so many other forms of marketing.

This month the members of the StartUp FASHION Community were given access to the expertise of Alyson Roy, the co-founder of AMP3 PRYou may have read her recent article on 4 Ways to Navigate an Oversaturated Marketplace and Create True Value for your Brand.  She shared so much with our members that I wanted to share a little bit of it with you, our blog readers.

What I loved about my chat with Alyson was that she really clarified how the process works and that it requires work; and like anything else in business, you have to be willing to put in the work and the time, especially if you’re trying not to have to put out too much money.

Alyson talked about the importance of budget and inventory, the art of the outreach, what to put into an agreement, and how to stay on top of the process so that important things don’t fall away undone.

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