Starting a jewelry business: Finding your angle

One of the first questions to ask yourself is: fine or fashion? Or maybe your interest lies somewhere in between. Each category has its own materials, production processes, price points, and customer profiles:

Fashion or costume jewelry is:

  • Trendy
  • Made of inexpensive metals and materials (bead, wire, plated metal, plastic, synthetic gems, etc.)
  • A lower price point, sometimes mass-produced
  • For the everyday or trendsetting customer

Example: ribbon choker with plated silver pendant.

Fine jewelry is:

  • Made with precious and semi-precious metals and gems
  • A higher price point
  • Made with excellent craftsmanship
  • For the luxury/wedding/special occasion customer

Example: diamond engagement ring.


  • This category covers everything else from mid-range materials (or high-low mix of textile, metals, gems, wood, 3D printing, acrylic, etc.) to jewelry defined as art (collectible, ooak) or craft (highly skilled craftsmanship)
  • Emphasis on design and uniqueness
  • Price point varies but usually mid-range
  • Occasion/statement, design-savvy/collector/gift-giving customer

Example: structural laser cut acrylic statement necklace.

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